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    Blackjack Reno Table (iSoftBet) table (iSoftBet)

    Blackjack Reno Table (iSoftBet) table (iSoftBet)

    5/5 (841)
    Blackjack Reno is an American online blackjack, which is played according to the rules of brick and mortar casinos from Reno, Nevada. Users need to beat the dealer, gaining higher score, as in any other traditional blackjack. It is forbidden to exceed twenty-one. Gamblers can also get the payout for insurance or when the dealer goes bust. It is possible to play only on one box in Blackjack Reno

    Blackjack Reno Rules:

  • The croupier deals himself two cards, putting one of them face up.
  • The dealer takes a card to soft seventeen and stops at hard seventeen.
  • The dealer never checks the presence of blackjack.
  • Double is allowed only for the first two cards if the score is ten or eleven.
  • It is possible to split only once in case of two cards, which have the same rank.
  • The player receives one card to splitting aces.
  • Ace and ten on the box, formed due to splitting, is not considered as blackjack.
  • There is no double after splitting.
  • There is no surrender.
  • If the ace is face up, it is possible to make insurance from blackjack.
  • It is allows to double and split after insurance.
  • If you have a blackjack and the dealer has a face-up ace, even money will be offered (payout is 1: 1).

  • The dealer takes cards to his box in Blackjack Reno, if the player has a blackjack and the dealer does not even have a theoretical possibility to repeat this combination.

    Payouts for combinations are made according to the standard odds: 1: 1 for ordinary combinations, 3: 2 for blackjack and 2:1 for insurance. Information on how to reduce the theoretical payout percentage in Blackjack Reno is not available.

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    Blackjack Reno Table (iSoftBet) table (iSoftBet)

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