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European Roulette Table Games (HABANERO)

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European Roulette Table Games  (HABANERO)

European Roulette Table Games (HABANERO)

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If you learned how to play Roulette in a live casino in Europe, chances are you were playing the most common version of the game, European roulette. Habanero bring us exactly this popular game in a virtual version that allows players to indulge in all the action from the comfort of their homes.

European Roulette features 36 numbers, one zero and loads of outside betting options that let you double, triple or multiply your bets. Habanero allow inside bets of up to $50 and outside bets of up to $250 to be made, which makes this a medium stakes game for players who don’t quite want to push it all the way.

European Roulette by Habanero looks quite simply, with a Roulette table shown on screen where all the bets are made with the virtual chips. On the left of the table, you can see the numbers history which may just help you guess that next number and make great profits on your next bet.

Try out European Roulette and you will definitely enjoy this cool game from Habanero, that will bring you closer to your next win. Play it now and you will come back to play again and again.

Playing European Roulette from Habanero offers a unique gaming experience with its attractive design and the ability to win big on a single spin. The format and rules of European Roulette mimic traditional table roulette, with a single zero on the wheel, and a range of betting options. The game has a higher return-to-player than American Roulette, making it an exciting and potentially lucrative choice. Habanero is a highly respected provider in the online gaming industry, offering customers with both high quality graphics and great customer service. As such, their European Roulette game provides a high level of entertainment, while still offering excellent chances of winning.

European Roulette from HABANERO is a fun and exciting online version of the classic Roulette wheel. This game is designed to give players a realistic experience of the classic game, with a graphical layout and wheel interface that mimics the wheel found in real casinos. The game offers a variety of betting options, from Straight bets, Split bets, Corner bets and Dozen Bets. The game also features realistic wheel speeds and an array of features and customizable options. Players can also try special Premium Roulette, where they can place special Side Bets and enjoy additional special rewards.



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