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Ninja Hero Goemon Slots (Golden Hero Group)

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Ninja Hero Goemon Slots  (Golden Hero Group)

Ninja Hero Goemon Slots (Golden Hero Group)

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In this original 5 x 3 slot game inspired by Japanese traditional culture, become GOEMON , the legendary ninja hero.

With various styles of weapons and ninjutsu, defeat mythical enemies in battle, multiply your winnings, and take your rewards.


The Ninja Hero Goemon slot game from Golden Hero Group is a great way to experience a fun and exciting gaming experience. This game has all the elements of a modern video slot, with high quality graphics and animation, exciting game play and great bonus features. The unique theme of this game is based on the mythical Japanese figure Goemon, a type of ninja, and it boasts several bonus features, free spins and bonus games, making it one of the most fun and exciting slot games available. The bonus features, free spins and bonus games make this game even more fun and rewarding. The unique theme also makes this game appealing to a broad range of players, from novices to experienced gamblers. All in all, Ninja Hero Goemon from Golden Hero Group is an excellent choice for a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

Ninja Hero Goemon is a vibrant and exciting slot game created by the Golden Hero Group. Based on the legendary characters of the ‘Goemon’ universe, this game presents a truly immersive experience where you can go back in time and help Goemon and his Shikigami on their adventures. Reels are filled with images of classic weapons like the Shuriken, Ninja stars, and Thunder God Hammer, along with symbols of Goemon and his allies, Kita and Fuuma. The main Character, Goemon, is the main feature throughout the game, awarding the player with free spins, wilds, and multipliers. Goemon himself is also a wild symbol, and when he appears, the Shikigami symbols around him turn into wild symbols for even greater chances to win. The exciting Bonus Game in Ninja Hero Goemon is set in a Temple where the player has to open doors by completing special tasks. Each door helds different hidden rewards, such as Jackpots, Mega Wins, Free Spins, and Cash Rewards, which can be collected to fill your treasures! In addition to the main game, Ninja Hero Goemon also includes four progressive jackpots. The Mini, Minor, Major, and Maxi Jackpots allow you to win up to five times your total stake when you land the right combination! Play Ninja Hero Goemon now and join Goemon on his wild adventure!

  • What type of bonus game is included in Ninja Hero Goemon slots game?
    The Ninja Hero Goemon online slots game includes a free spins bonus round with generous multipliers. Players can also trigger a surprise bonus game with up to 20x multipliers.
  • What are some of the unique features of Golden Hero Group's version of Ninja Hero Goemon?
    1. Unique fully-animated characters with facial expressions and advanced motion capture technology that creates seamless animation. 2. Explore Edo-period locations and environments with a realistic physics simulation engine. 3. Collect items and loot to customize your character and gear. 4. Climb mountains, swim across rivers and venture into dungeons to battle monsters and demons. 5. Take part in exciting events and missions to level up your character and progress the story. 6. Unlock powerful attacks and special abilities to defeat bosses and travel through time. 7. Enjoy mini-games and bonus stages featuring a variety of activities, such as fishing and cooking. 8. Experience gritty and dramatic cut scenes that capture the essence of the Ninja Hero Goemon universe.
  • How often do jackpots occur in Ninja Hero Goemon?
    Jackpots occur randomly and can happen at any time, so there is no specific frequency at which jackpots may occur in Ninja Hero Goemon.
  • How many paylines are available in Ninja Hero Goemon slots game?
    Ninja Hero Goemon slots game has 20 paylines.
  • What types of symbols and bonus rounds appear in Ninja Hero Goemon?
    The symbols that appear in Ninja Hero Goemon include various ninjas, Goemon swords, a skull and skull shield, a magic scroll, shields, and gemstones. The bonus rounds in the game include a bonus wheel spin, a bonus pick bonus game, a koi bonus round, a bonus symbol run bonus game, a jackpot bonus round, a bonus egg bonus game, and a bonus brick bonus game.
  • What kind of bonus incentives are available in Ninja Hero Goemon?
    Bonus incentives in Ninja Hero Goemon vary from doubling the amount of gold earned through completing levels to unlocking special items like rare equipment or special power-ups. Other bonuses may include extra experience, reduced cooldown times for special abilities, and exclusive character skins. Some rewards such as skins may only be accessible through in-app purchases.
  • Are there any special features/ bonuses available for playing Ninja Hero Goemon?
    Yes, Ninja Hero Goemon comes with a number of special features and bonuses including daily bonuses, exclusive daily tasks, various character skins, abilities, and weapons. It also has an in-game leaderboard to track your performance. Additionally, players can partake in special events for exclusive rewards and even compete in weekly tournaments.
  • What is the maximum payout for Ninja Hero Goemon?
    The maximum payout for Ninja Hero Goemon is 50000 coins.
  • Are there any multiplayer options with Ninja Hero Goemon from Golden Hero Group?
    No, Ninja Hero Goemon from Golden Hero Group is a single player game.
  • Does Ninja Hero Goemon offer any practice or demo modes?
    No, Ninja Hero Goemon does not offer any practice or demo modes.



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