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(VP) Jacks or Better - 25 Line Video Poker (Multislot)

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(VP) Jacks or Better - 25 Line Video Poker  (Multislot)

(VP) Jacks or Better - 25 Line Video Poker (Multislot)

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Jacks or Better 25 Hand is played between you and the machine. It is a 25 hand game with a paytable based on the popular Jacks or Better game.

The aim of the Jacks or Better 25 Hand game is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains at least a pair of Jacks or better, to the maximum of a Royal Flush in as many of your 50 hands as possible. You place a bet and the machine gives you five initial cards. You then choose the cards you want to hold and the cards you want to discard. The machine then holds the same cards in each of other 25 “mini hands”. When you click on “DRAW” the machine replaces the cards you discard in each of your 25 hands, using a fresh deck on every hand. You win according to the rank of your hands.

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