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Cribbage Table Games (1x2gaming)

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Cribbage Table Games  (1x2gaming)

Cribbage Table Games (1x2gaming)

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The main goal of the Cribbage game is to collect higher-valued cards while winning a gaming round with cribbage brings a great one to one payout on the players’ stake. Just like in poker, there are different winning hands that can form pairs or flush here regarded to as For His Heels.

Rules of the Cribbage game

1. A single 52-card deck is used with no jokers.

2. Aces are worth one point, 2 to 10 according to pip value, and faces cards as 10 points.

3. The order of the cards, for purposes of straights, is the same as in poker, except aces are low only.

4. The object is to have more points than the dealer.

5. If the player has more points, his wager will be paid 1 to 1 odds. If the dealer has more points, the wager will lose. An equal number of points will result in a push.

6. Both the player and dealer shall each receive four cards. There shall also be one community card, which the game calls the Crib Card, which may be used by both players.

7. There are various ways of earning points, as follows:

  • Any set of two or more cards totaling a count of 15. For example, a queen and 5. A count of 15 is worth 2 point for purposes of scoring the hand. 
  • Any pair is worth two points. 
  • Any straight of three to five total cards. The number of points is equal to the number of cards in the straight. 
  • A flush of four or five cards. For a four-card flush, all four cards must be in the players own hand, as opposed to being the shared Crib Card. A five-card flush must obviously use all five cards. The number of points is equal to the number of cards in the flush. 
  • If Crib Card is a jack, then the dealer shall be awarded an extra two points. 

8. A single card can be used multiple times as long as each set is different or pays for a different reason. For this reason, a three of a kind is worth six points, because there are three ways to two choose two cards to form a pair out of three and each pair is worth two points. Likewise, a four of a kind is worth 12 points, because there are six ways to choose two cards out of four, and each way is worth two points. Also note that 4-5-6 can be counted twice, once as a three-point straight and another as two points for a total of 15.

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